Welcome to RailTokyo2015

Aim of the conference
The 6th International Conference on Railway Operations Modelling and Analysis will contribute to interdisciplinary diffusion in the railway operations research area through the discussion of analytical, combinatorial and simulation approaches and project results by engineers, mathematicians, economists and computer scientists.
Scientific issues
The following research & development topics focussing on high quality railway timetabling, efficient and reliable operation of infrastructure and trains will be discussed during the conference, among others:
  • Land use, mobility and line planning
  • Capacity and robustness in saturated networks
  • Optimal network timetabling and maintenance schedules
  • Passenger flows in stations, on platform, and dwell time distribution
  • Impact of signalling and safety systems on capacity and punctuality
  • Validation of stochastic analytical and simulation models
  • Timetable stability, punctuality, temporal and spatial distributions of timetable margins
  • Impact of train priorities, dispatching rules and dedicated lines on network capacity
  • Scheduling and routing of passenger and freight trains
  • Real-time rescheduling, disturbance and disruption management
  • Energy-efficient driving and driver advisory systems
  • Prediction of route conflicts, arrival and departure times
  • Impact of climate change on future railway operation
  • Governance, benchmark analysis and performance evaluation